The Simple Spatula

Month: November, 2009

Lemon Tart

I’ve been dying for an excuse to make lemon curd for quite sometime and my Dad’s Birthday seemed like the perfect reason. He and I both love all things lemon and not-to-sweet and this tart fit all the criteria. It was tart (ha! excuse my pun), lemon-y, with a perfect texture in a thin, flaky [...]

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving! I went to the city today and had too much PASTA. I know who eats Italian food on Thanksgiving? I’ll still leave you with a Thanksgiving menu though. This is what we had at my super early house dinner on November 16th. Bone-In Roast Turkey Breast and Gravy Fresh Clementine-Cranberry Sauce Traditional Mashed [...]

Gorgonzola and Endive Salad

Apples and gorgonzola cheese are two of my favorite things to add to salad. They instantly add a bit of elegance and I love the contrast of the juicy sweet apple with the pungent tangy-ness of the cheese. Add some walnuts, spicy arugula, crisp endive and a simple dressing and you have an easy, impressive [...]

Traditional Mashed Potatoes

There is absolutely nothing healthy about mashed potatoes. They are basically just a vehicle for cream, butter and gravy, but they taste so good and no Thanksgiving table is complete without a large bowl of them. I didn’t really measure anything here but I’ll give an approximation. Traditional Mashed Potatoes Serves about 12 people. 5lbs [...]

Fresh Clementine-Cranberry Sauce

I can’t stand cranberry sauce from a can. It’s like cranberry jello. Yuck. I just don’t see the point when its such an easy thing to make from scratch. It was Max’s idea to add the clementines because his family makes their cranberries with oranges and red wine. We didn’t have any oranges at home [...]

Bone-In Roast Turkey Breast and Gravy

The easiest way to avoid screwing up your Thanksgiving turkey is to not make one. Instead of roasting a whole bird, just make the breast. Its also a great alternative if you have a small group of people and don’t want 12lbs of turkey leftover. We were under a bit of a time constraint this [...]

Viktorija Bakes Volume One – Apple Pie

Way back in September my housemates and I went apple picking and we got a little carried away. It’s so easy to just keep picking them and before you know it you have an excess of 15lbs of apples. On the car ride home Viktorija said she wanted apple pie and I agreed to help [...]

Bake Sale

My crew team had our 3rd bake sale today so I spent a good amount of time in the kitchen yesterday. Chocolate chip cookies always seem to sell the best so I made a batch of my favorite recipe from David Lebovitz. Since I can’t control myself and make just one thing, I also made [...]

Nothing Says I’m Sorry Like Chocolate Dipped Almond Macaroons

I wake up early for practice, 4:45 am to be exact, so by the time I get home from breakfast and/or the gym afterwards it’s around 10 o’clock. This seems like the middle of the day to me, but for my housemate Viktorija it’s pretty early and her room is right next to the kitchen. [...]

Hazelnut Almond Granola

There are a few (alright, many) foods that just don’t last long in my pantry. I’ll tell myself i’m just going to have a little bit and then gradually end up going back for more until the whole thing is gone. Granola is one of them. It’s something about the crunchy texture with a bit [...]