The Simple Spatula

Month: December, 2009

Welcome 2010

I’ve never really bothered to make a New Year’s resolution let alone keep one. This year however, I have two. Find a job in San Francisco and move there Heal the stress fracture in my leg and run a half marathon fall 2010 A few days ago, I came across Project 365, on Hannah’s blog. [...]

Some Pictures from the Past Week

My favorite pillow/chair at my Mom’s Apartment Some extra extra large icicles hanging over my back door, (don’t worry I knocked them down after I took this so they don’t fall and impale someone). Friends in Rockerfeller Center Friends at Tony di Napoli on 83rd (delicious family style italian)

Sandwich Cookies

In years past I used to always bring these to my friend Katie’s ski house when we went to Vermont for Christmas vacation. It became my tradition during high school but with us all almost graduated from college now, we haven’t been to Vermont together since Spring of 2006. I recently realized I haven’t made [...]

Egg "Fritatta" Pitas

I had lunch with my mom today followed by a few hours of baking sandwich cookies. More to come on those later but first our delicious egg pitas. Every day she’s been telling me about how she pours beaten eggs into a small pot and it rises like souffle so finally today I watched her [...]

Fresh Ricotta Cheese

A couple weeks ago I took a trip to the New Amsterdam Market in South Street Seaport and had the most amazing fresh homemade ricotta cheese. Of course it was full fat (100% whole milk or maybe even partly cream). It was smooth rich and delicious with no rubbery texture like those store bought brands [...]

Merry Christmas!

There’s snow outside! As far as I can remember this is first white Christmas on Long Island in quite a while. Hope it’s snowy where you are!

Snow on Long Island? That’s So ’90s

Growing up we always had at least one decent size snowstorm a year but no more. Now it’s a big deal if we get more than a couple inches once or twice a winter. I LOVE snow (at least until sometime in February when I start getting pretty sick of it), so you can imagine [...]

Viktorija’s Santa Cookies

These are probably the most delicious chewy bar cookie I’ve ever eaten despite the fact that they are super sweet and decadent (not usually my thing). Viktorija made these for our Christmas party and then a couple times since and they are just so good we can’t stop eating them. Viktorija’s Santa Cookies Also known [...]

Homemade Salted Caramels

I was browsing recipes one morning thinking about how to use up the heavy cream that I had at home when I came across this recipe for Salted Caramels. I love the idea of chewy homemade caramels free of High Fructose Corn Syrup and nasty preservatives plus I had all the ingredients at home. Homemade [...]

A Walk in the Woods

Thought I would share a few pictures from my walk today. Binghamton University has the largest piece of protected land of any university. It was about 23 degrees but it was sunny and I hardly noticed the chill.