The Simple Spatula

Month: March, 2010

Brioche Burger Buns

 I made these for our first bbq of the season and  out of all the breads I’ve ever made, I’m definitely the most proud of these burger buns (and my recent pitas). Brioche Burger Buns Next time I’m going to try replacing at least half of the bread flour with whole wheat bread flour – I [...]

Cabbage With Apple Cider Vinaigrette

For the most part I’ve been sharing baked goods because they usually have a story, a reason they’ve come to be. But what happens to all those things I eat in between cookies, cakes and ice cream – I promise, I do eat other things in between. Well those are the ones that slip through [...]

My First Daring Baker’s Challenge – March – Orange Tian

Since I started this blog I’ve noticed that once a month Tastespotting was swamped with a million variations of the same recipe. French macaroons, Nainaimo bars, Tirimisu, all sorts of labor intensive desserts that I would probably never make; mostly because I rarely have an occasion to make such fussy desserts. These aren’t things I [...]

Carolina in my mind

In my mind I’m going to Carolina.  Can’t you see the sunshine,  can’t you just feel the moonshine? -James Taylor Actually, I really am going to South Carolina. 10 days of rowing (coxing) and warm sun plus a day trip to Charleston. We’re all packed and leaving in just 2 hours. I probably won’t have [...]

To wake up early

We are on the water again. Twice now actually. I haven’t decided how I feel about it. On one hand I’m reluctant to lose my morning workout from winter training, not to mention that hour of sleep that we lose due to a practice time of 5:20AM. On the other hand, it’s nice to be back [...]

A perfect balance

“Settling down with warm-glow wood stove and kerosene peace you’re looking for, peace you’ll find  in the tangled mad cliff-sides and crashing dark of Big Sur  Rapturous ring of silence pacific fury flashing on the rocks, the sea shroud towers  the innocence of health and stillness in the wild of Big Sur” -Jay Farrar Recently, [...]

We spent this weekend at the park…

…hosting and racing the John McKenna Memorial 5K …laying in the grass …eating ice cream …playing on a funky see-saw See-saw pictures courtesy of Katherine Hamilton …and just swinging around. Picture courtesy of Catherine Khouri

The nicest thing

About a week ago, a friend told me she was impressed with how I stick to my hobbies. It was probably the nicest thing she could have said and it made me laugh. It made me laugh, because I always thought I was pretty lazy, even when it came to the things I really wanted [...]

One Walnut Short of A Nutcase

I had to force myself to stop making cookie dough. After four batches, I had to stop making cookie dough, for no reason other than I’m out of containers to store it in.  It was after 1AM but I was on a roll. I only planned on starting a batch of ice cream, but after [...]

Crispy Kale Chips

This might sound weird at first, but stick with me for a second. Rip up a bunch of kale and throw it on a pan. Sprinkle generously with salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and Parmesan cheese. Stick it in the oven on 500 degrees until its crispy. Seriously, these are addicting. They are like healthy potato [...]