The Simple Spatula

Month: April, 2010

Drunken Kirsch Brownies

There are three kinds of people in this world; those that like fudge-y brownies, those that like cake-y brownies, and those who would rather just have the ice cream that the brownies are usually served with – I fall into the third. It’s not that I don’t like brownies, I just find them boring. To [...]

Getting used to the idea.

Everywhere I turn someone likes to point out that I only have 11 days of classes and 3 weeks until I graduate. Whoa.   Put another way that’s 38 hours at my internship, 11 days of class, 3 weeks, 3 short assignments, 1 take home final, 1 online final, 3 regattas, 1 banquet, 2 excessively [...]

Grilled Grouper

I finally cooked fish. Finally. Remember way back in January when I said I wanted to try it? Well, I’ve been putting it off and putting it off but no more. Last night, Colin and I grilled a giant red grouper filet and now I’m addicted. It was so easy and didn’t taste even a [...]

April Daring Cook’s Challenge – New Brunswick Stew

Kitchen shears are my new favorite utensil. Why are they my new favorite utensil?  Well, I was having a wrestling match with a 3lb chicken and it was winning – until I remembered the kitchen shears. The beautiful, sleek, seriously sharp kitchen shears. They sliced right through those chicken bones with ease and grace as [...]

Lucky Star

Last week, while I was in South Carolina, my Dad and my Stepmom (Vivian) visited my sister (Melissa) in Florence. Since they obviously know about my blog and slight obsession with food they started sending me pictures of everything they ate and requested a place on my blog. Here’s a couple pictures from their trip. [...]

Old habits die hard.

For the past two months I’ve kept myself on a pretty steady every-other-day posting schedule but lately I’ve come to realize everything I do is on a schedule and I’m tired of it. Some things, like my classes, are out of my hands but this blog is surely not one of them. This Simple Spatula is [...]

This side of winter.

My favorite part of my house is the balcony attached to my room. It’s just big enough for two chairs and a few plants and I used to spend every morning on it since last August. I put my legs up on the railing, ate my breakfast and watched the neighborhood slowly, sleepily come to [...]

Black and White Cookies

I’m missing New York a bit today. Black and White Cookies I didn’t have cake flour so I just used 100% all purpose flour. It worked okay, but my cookies were a bit lumpy instead of seriously smooth like Deb’s. Some of the cookies I baked later on in the batch were smoother and thinned [...]