The Simple Spatula

Month: June, 2010

I. Am. Never. Leaving.

Don’t try to talk me out of it. I’m trading in my return flight for an apartment. And some Hungarian language lessons. I. am. never. leaving. (I’ll be home by 7pm New York time).

The New-York-Centric Orbit

Sometimes, when I travel, I watch people and I wonder if they know that they live in such a cool place. Then I remember that they probably feel the same about their city as I do about New York; it feels like home. It doesn’t feel like anything special and on occasion it feels quite [...]

10 days in Armenia.

Whoa.  It’s been a while. I haven’t forgotten you, I promise.   I’ve just been busy trotting through countries with a 2g internet connection. If you’ve ever tried uploading a very large picture on a 2g connection then you understand why I haven’t been able to post. I’m in Budapest right now, so I don’t [...]

DobrĂ½ den, od Praha!

I wanted to write this post on Saturday. I ran out of time.I wanted to write this post from the airport in Budapest. I had lots of time but no computer.Instead I sat down with an espresso and watched the Italian army walk this way and that, many of them watching me watching them. I [...]

Simple Sangria

A summer thursday night includes bar-b-que, friends and Sangria. I got this recipe last weekend from a friend (Hi Lauren!) and couldn’t wait to make it. I made Sangria a few times last summer but never really settled on a recipe that I liked. This one is fruity and so simple to make.  I planned [...]

A Wednesday Story

Step One: Shake up a batch of homemade salted butter. Step Two: Walk to the market for a pound of jambon bayonne Step Three: Stop at a nearby french bakery for a fresh crusty baguette that is way better than any you’ve ever made. Get distracted by the delicious-looking lemon squares (they aren’t the best you’ve ever had, [...]

Something new to me.

I’m not sure how I feel about raw asparagus. I love them cooked and always have; blanched, steamed, roasted, bar-b-qued until they’re blackened and carmelized with balsamic vinegar. But raw? Raw was something new to me, something I hadn’t thought of. But, as with anything else, food is susceptible to trends and when one person in [...]