The Simple Spatula

Month: July, 2010

Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

Sometimes I write posts that never get published. They just sit there forgotten and lonely, branded by the orange letters that scrawl out “draft”. What is normally a benign word, signifying something saved for further review, seems more like a death sentence. Sometimes these forgotten words make just a sentence or two but sometimes they [...]

When it’s too hot to eat.

Dear Blog, I realize you are feeling neglected and I’m sorry. It’s just too hot to cook. In fact, it’s just too hot to do anything. We even lost power for around 5 hours yesterday as a result of some downed power lines. I love big storms and power outages are kind of fun. I like [...]

Beyond any muffin.

I never liked scones. They are almost always too dry or too doughy, usually too dense and inevitably resemble crumbly lead balls. Appearance is no help either – generally the more appealing they look the worse they taste. If I bothered to eat them more frequently I may occasionally stumble across one worth eating but, [...]

Over the weekend in Rhinebeck.

Some people visit museums when they travel – I visit farmer’s markets.

Old Fashioned Pink Lemonade

Old Fashioned Pink Lemonade Do as I did and add a shot of homemade limoncello or enjoy it straight. A shot of vodka would also give it a kick. 3 cups fresh lemon juice (about 16 lemons)* 12 cups of water 3 cups natural cane sugar 12oz. raspberries Combine the sugar and 3 cups of water [...]

Garlic Chicken Spiedies

It’s funny, I spent the first 3 years in Binghamton wishing I was back downstate. I missed the city, the faster-paced life. I missed the downstate bagels and pizza. I missed the good Jewish challah bread, the babka and the black and white cookies that New York is so famous for. I loved Manhattan, I [...]

With lemon and little else.

After spending time in Georgia, we went back to Yerevan for the day before heading out to the villages. We went for lunch at a little cafe that’s frequented by many of the expats in the area due to its english speaking staff, air conditioning, wifi, and somewhat american menu. After a week and a [...]

To be a pie.

I ate about a kilogram of cherries on several occasions in both Armenia and Georgia and I really thought I was sick of them. That was before I came across tubs of sour cherries in the Union Square Greenmarket on friday. They were sleek, shiny red and mouth puckeringly tart. They just begged with every [...]

Scenes from Georgia; The country not the state.

The reason I point out that I am referring to the country of Georgia, as opposed to The Peachtree State, is that a surprising amount of people don’t even know that there is a country named Georgia. In the weeks before I left I had several conversations that went something like this: Educated individual: Oh you are [...]