The Simple Spatula

Month: August, 2010

I can’t taste a thing…

…so why bother to cook?

Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

I’d like to start by saying who get’s sick in the summer?? Apparently me. It never fails, right around this time of year when the temperature starts flip flopping, I get sick. The achy, feverish kind of sick that makes you go stir-crazy because you know you should stay home but you’re just so bored [...]

Ode to a Mason jar.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

On the topic of favorites.

rus·tic  adj. 1. Of, relating to, or typical of country life or country people. 2. a. Lacking refinement or elegance; coarse.      b. Charmingly simple or unsophisticated. 3. Made of unfinished or roughly finished wood 4. Having a rough or textured appearance I’m happy the summer is almost done. There I said it. I know there are summer-lovers everywhere shaking their [...]

Pickle Failure

It seems like everyone has pickle story. Some have long been singing the praises of all-things-fermented or brined and some are just learning to like them but never-the-less, recipes are popping up everywhere. If you follow me on flickr, you saw my pickles in their early stages. Plump, kirby cucumbers – nestled together with spices [...]

Lisa’s Rainbow Black Bean Salad

Lisa’s Rainbow Black Bean Salad I made this salad up based on the brightly colored rainbow peppers I found at the farm stand last week. After I served it at a bar-b-que Sunday night I had a few requests for the recipe so I thought I would post it here. If you can’t find rainbow [...]

Not my best idea.

If you had been in my kitchen last week, when I was grating up a zucchini, you probably would have said “Hey, putting zucchini in your chocolate chip cookies is not one of the best ideas you’ve ever had”, and you know what? You would have been right. However, I had a lot of zucchini [...]

With eyes toward tomorrow.

“All the bags are checked And the reasons why Yesterday lingers on That’s the piece you keep when you say goodbye”. – Conor Oberst (Monsters of Folk) Just like realizing you’ve out grown snow days, discovering you no longer have a place in a city you previously called home, is a hard pill to swallow. [...]

An August Sun.

Have you ever noticed how the sun feels different in different seasons or even during the same one. Sometimes it’s a gradual change and sometimes it’s a quick flip flop. You go to bed one night exhausted from the humidity and wake up the next morning to the forgiving dry heat of late summer. The [...]