The Simple Spatula

Month: September, 2010

Only on your birthday.

In a perfect world I could serve a cake with one slice missing. I could make a cake in the daylight hours, cut a slice out and spend 20 minutes taking pictures, changing settings, creating the scene around the plate. In this way I could photograph properly; in the right light, at my leisure, before [...]

Shameless Promotion

One day last spring, maybe sometime in May, I received a strange comment on The Simple Spatula. A woman asked me for my email to discuss publishing some of my posts. I assumed it was spam or some kind of junk but for some reason I emailed her anyway. It turns out it was not [...]

As Requested.

Meet the roommates, Chris and Katherine.  Someone made us laugh… That’s better… Bellweather dry hard apple cider from the market… Some kitchen pictures as requested by Lena…  My room – still packed up, no bed, no furniture. I’ll get there. Our living room is a mess. It’s mostly my fault – I have too many various [...]

The act of cooking.

Although I eat my fair share of pizza and can’t resist a good Chinese dumpling, I’m adamant about avoiding takeout when I move. It’s never really been intentional but I realized that I pretty much never order food or go out to eat in the days that I spend unpacking. I don’t think it really [...]

Let’s get my priorities straight.

This city is so LOUD. All. The.Time. I signed my lease on Monday and moved into my new apartment Tuesday. I have two roommates (who y’all will meet in a later post), and a fire escape where I can sit in the mornings; just like I did on my balcony in Binghamton. Only this time [...]

Market Pictures – September 19th

Long overdue pictures from last Sunday’s Market More over here.

Brisket and "Goop"

Everyone has a few household items or foods that they call by an odd name. Maybe it originally descended from a family member who speaks another language or maybe one day someone was at a loss for words and just made one up that stuck. Whatever the reason, the words become a natural, integrated part [...]

Brussel Sprouts with Romano Cheese and Lentils

This is the only thing I’ve cooked in at least a week and I’m not sure it really counts as cooking. Just a little steaming, boiling and grating and lunch (or dinner) is ready. You see, I have a new job. Have I told you about my new job? WHAT!? I haven’t? Oh my. I’m also [...]

Walnut Pesto

There were giant bunches of basil staring me down at the farm stand. They said:“My only desire in my short basil-y life is to be pesto.”And so I acquiesced.Basil can be very persuasive.  Walnut Pesto Makes about 6oz A couple roasted garlic cloves, more or less to taste 1 ounce fresh basil leaves 1 ounce [...]

The trouble with writing a food blog…

If I offered you a large chocolate chip cookie last week, you might assume that was a generous thing to do; share. Typically I am happy to do it and I’d like to think it’s driven by generosity. But Thursday, well Thursday might have been a little different. As much as I’d like to think [...]