The Simple Spatula

Month: April, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Early Spring Bounty.

Dear Blank, Love Blank

Dear Sheena, I love your blog. It is so creative and I’m going to copy your recent post idea. Please forgive me. I doubt you’ll ever read this anyway. (Comment, if I’m wrong!) Dear blog, I have been ignoring you a little bit again but don’t worry I won’t leave you completely. Dear 75 degree [...]

Real Beer Floats

When I was in Vermont 2 weeks ago I snagged a local Burlington paper but never got the chance to read it until I was back on the subway in New York. Not only was I reading it 4 days after I picked it up but it turns out it was also an old paper. [...]

Thirteen point one.

Sometime back in December I impulsively signed up for this 1/2 marathon and then proceeded to not train for it. Today I ran it anyway in 2 hours 11 minutes and 19 seconds. Then, because the weather was nice and because I’m probably not entirely sane, I went rowing, ate bagels from here, and a [...]