The Simple Spatula

Month: May, 2011

Spelt Banana Pancakes

I rarely make pancakes at home unless I’m cooking for a crowd. I don’t usually want to eat them more than one day in a row and I just hate dealing with the leftover batter. This recipe is perfectly sized for one though, and certainly healthier than the ones at my current favorite nearby diner. [...]

Silent Sunday – Save Our Seaport.

More information here, here, and here.

French toast, my way.

When most people think of french toast they think of thick slices of challah, soft and eggy on the inside, maybe swirled with cinnamon, studded with raisins or even chocolate chips. Topped with a pat of butter and dripping with maple syrup or even just some fresh whipped cream on top. In the past few [...]

4 Days in Madison, Wisconsin

Notes on Madison: Home of the largest producer-only farmer’s market in the country. Go hungry on a Saturday morning and eat pastries and cheese curds Fresh cheese curds really do squeak when you chew them I prefer them fresh instead of deep fried I want to come back in Summer and play on the lake [...]

Duck Burgers

A few weeks ago, I planned to make duck burgers with our friends Kevin and Rosanna upon their request. They love duck and I love the idea of a good dinner party, complete with a good recipe and lots of pictures. We finally got around to it last friday and since it was nice out [...]

Mint Juleps

A homemade mint julep before I head out to a Derby party for some more mint juleps. Recipe here. Happy Derby Day!

To justify a Vitamix

Step 1: make up a recipe for sesame peanut sauce. Step 2: quadruple the recipe for a birthday party. Step 3: throw all sauce ingredients in your normal, less than fantastic blender. Step 4: press blend and watch as the motor sputters and burns out trying with all it’s might to blend all that thick [...]

A year in the making.

I’ve been meaning to make this cake for over a year now but every time I considered it, I reconsidered. It contains 8 egg whites and one whole egg. Not only do I dislike having to use up 8 egg whites, but I also just didn’t want to clean my refrigerator out of all my [...]