The Simple Spatula

Month: June, 2011

Dear New Jersey…

Dear New Jersey, I’m sorry I rag on you so much but the inability to make left turns and the sheer inevitability that I will get lost when I drive on your roads is maddening. However, you have been giving us berries blueberries and raspberries for weeks now when my home state has just barely [...]

This could go one of two ways…

For 44 hours on Monday and Tuesday Katherine, Nathalie and I ate nothing but fruit. The idea was to kickstart some healthy eating habits by removing everything that triggers cravings ie: dairy, refined sugar, and caffeine. However, I don’t fully understand the reasoning for not being able to eat raw, blanched or steamed veggies. None-the-less, [...]

A Brunch Story

A week ago today, I bought an ostrich egg from this farm. I carried it home swathed in bubble wrap, took care to make sure I didn’t smash it into the turnstile in the subway and carefully set it down to rest nestled against the wall for the night. A week ago tomorrow, it leapt [...]

This is how I do it.

On Wednesday, I went to the market; roasted a chicken; baked a poundcake; threw together some salads; blanched some beans; grabbed a few bottles of wine; packed a blanket, a handful of glasses and silverware; and went to the first ever open-house of a soon-to-be farm. My first sunset picnic on a rooftop farm in [...]

If you haven’t yet turned back…

“She may be young but she only likes old things And modern music it ain’t to her tastes She loves the natural light Captured in black and white…” -Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) There are old rickety steps in the backyard of the house my Dad has been living in since November. They are [...]

Let me get you acquainted.

Wednesday it was 98 degrees. If you are unfamiliar with New York City, let me get you acquainted. 98 degrees feels something like 143 degrees plus humidity and body heat. That’s right body heat. There are over 1.5 million people living on the little 22.96 sqmi island of Manhattan alone. That’s a population density of [...]

To break out of a food rut.

I bought spelt back in November when I wanted to make a braised beet spelt salad, but I never made it. Instead I left the grains uncooked in a jar on the shelf. Slight guilty thoughts of never using something I bought crept into my mind from time to time when I noticed the jar [...]

Just Because.

Because a friend once told me we should all drink more champagne. Because I agree.

3 Days in Chicagoland

-I’m obsessed with The Bean in Millennium Park. I want to take everyone I know and bring them there and take pictures in front of it. Someone really needs to clean The Bean; It’s really dirty as evidenced in some of the above pictures. -Lake Michigan is not warm. The sun is. I should have [...]

And then, there was rhubarb.

I’d like to start by saying: I FOUND RHUBARB!! Remember last year when I wanted to make something anything with rhubarb and I just could. not. find it. anywhere. Well, this year I made it my mission to find some at the Market. I waited and waited, and it started cropping up in Whole Foods [...]