The Simple Spatula

Month: July, 2011

Midsummer travels + a new mix

I should be packing but instead I made a new mix and I realized something: I have an extraordinary amount of music about California. I’m off to San Francisco just barely after the sun rises tomorrow morning. Happy Weekend. Listen here. Track list as follows: + sausalito (conor oberst) + whole wide world (john gorka) + [...]

For the rest of us.

I’m a weird combination of over-planning and winging it. I plan, plan, plan, organize organize, organize, then I get lazy and wing it. Sometimes I even plan to wing it. With over-planning comes over thinking. I turn things over and over and over in my mind until I turn out a solution and If I [...]

A list for July

  +lots of pancakes stuffed with blueberries and raspberries +letterpress stationary from here +juicy peaches from jersey and homemade peach ice cream +beautiful butcher blocks handmade in Brooklyn with entirely local materials +Nikole’s wonderful blog and everything in the Herriott Grace Shop. Especially these sleek rolling pins and gorgeous bowls. +fresh berries in whole milk, it’s [...]

Blueberry Rhubarb Pie

Last week, I was craving pie. I mean really craving pie. It got so bad that I swear I could smell a pie baking Wednesday evening…while I was in a yoga class. You know it’s bad when you’re going the the motions of Surya Namaskara B and still, there are flashes of peaches and raspberries [...]

Dear WordPress…

Dear WordPress Formatting: I do not like you. You are making my life miserable. Go jump off a bridge. Why can’t you just cooperate? Please? Dear Readers: If you you know how to fix my formatting problems, please send help. And ice cream. Why ice cream you ask? Because I like ice cream, especially vanilla. [...]

Penne with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil

I had some trouble gauging how much fruit I would consume in 2 days so after our little experiment last week I had an excessive amount of tomatoes leftover. I wasn’t in the mood for a traditional tomato sauce – it’s too hot out – and the thought of eating another one raw made me [...]

Happy Fourth.

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Multigrain Yogurt Pancakes

These are the best pancakes I’ve made to date. Not including some laborious lemon-ricotta pancakes that I made once and never told you about, they’re also the fluffiest. After I mixed them I could actually see the batter puffing up in the bowl and even then next day, after I stuffed the leftover batter in [...]