The Simple Spatula

Month: August, 2011

Please excuse the mess…

You may have noticed my formatting is a little screwy (still). I’m renovating a bit so please excuse the mess. Hopefully I’ll have it all sorted out within a week or so.

A list for a hurricane in New York.

-a rainy Saturday evening walk through the deserted city -homemade quesadillas (tortilla + shredded monterey and fontina + black beans + guacamole + salsa) -homemade refried beans (pork fat + olive oil + chopped onion + pinto beans + water all in a pot and blended with an immersion blender) -a wet, windy post hurricane [...]

For the months ahead.

Yesterday I ate my first apple for the year. A freshly picked one from this years harvest, not those overwintered ones that were hanging around the farmer’s markets until mid July. This morning I ate hot oatmeal for the first time since February and my body has recently started requesting apple, cheese and caramelized onion [...]

Fried Green Tomatoes

Oh, excuse me; is this a food blog? I seem to have forgotten. Chris, Katherine and I tried fried green tomatoes for the first time at a farm-stand near Red Hook last weekend and they were so good I decided to replicate them at home. Fried Green Tomatoes I made 1 enormous tomato for 3 [...]

You may find yourself wondering.

When you’re standing in a walk-in refrigerator surrounded by crates of tomatoes, two crates full seem like nothing. When they are taking up the entire trunk of your not-so-tiny car you may begin to realize 2 crates full of tomatoes is a lot. When you get home and can’t lift them by yourself and have [...]

On Farming

I joke from time to time that I belong in the country somewhere with trees and grass and cows and chickens. Living in a big farmhouse with lots of light and space. Usually the comment is immediately following some frustration of big city life and muttered under my breath accompanied by an exasperated declaration that [...]

3 Days in Charlottesville, Virginia

Well, if you read Kath Eats then I guess the cat’s out of the bag. I was considering moving to Charlottesville, Virginia for a few reasons and I’ve spent the last 3 days down here getting a feel for it. After some deliberation I’ve also decided not to move, or at least not just yet. [...]

5 Days in San Francisco

“Making way through mountains and desert. Eastbound daybreak carrying it all back home. It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying, No one could dream a place like California. It’s been written before, but it’s worth repeating, No one could dream a place like California.” -Jay Farrar Notes on San Francisco -The weather is. amazing. [...]