mostly of pound cakes.

by lisafischoff

About a month ago I received an invitation to bridal shower for my friend Kait. With it was a card and instructions to write a recipe for the bride to be and drop it in the recipe box at the shower. Since this was the same Kait from this cheesecake story, I wanted to pass on a recipe that was my own. One that had some tradition rather than just straight from the internet. I wanted something unfussy that you could make on a moment’s notice or even keep frozen in case of last minute company. Something simple that she’ll refer to time and again until the recipe card is stained and aged and has buttery finger prints on it. I had two choices – both pound cakes. One is my grandmother’s chocolate or marble pound cake that has and always will be my favorite cake (the only one I really liked until about age 14) and the other is my own buttermilk pound cake. The list of recipes that I won’t share with people is pretty short and it turns out it’s made up mostly of pound cakes. I went with the buttermilk pound cake and at the end, in true Kait tradition, signed it with if you have any questions, call Lisa.*

Since BBQ season is among us and the 4th is this thursday, I don’t want to leave you completely without a pound cake recipe. They really make the best picnic cakes. Make a loaf or two a day ahead, let it cool and wrap tightly. Then toss it in your tote bag for easy transport without a second thought. I’m a big fan of Molly’s blueberry-raspberry pound cake, especially with it’s festive 4th of July colors. I can’t claim this one as my own and I usually make it with no alterations so you might as well just click on over here¬†for the recipe.

*If that confuses you, read this post.

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