three years.

by lisafischoff

There’s a small piece of yellowing newspaper taped to my laptop. The edges of the tape are curling up and there is a slightly discolored outline tracing it where dust and dirt have snuck underneath over the years. On it is my horoscope from whatever day I originally put it there. “Rather than allowing impatience to dictate your day and resorting to trying to force things to happen, let events unfold at their own pace”. As I type my wrist brushes along the top of it and the scratchy edges of the tape remind me of its message.

Today I peeled it off, trimmed the old dirty tape off and attached it back to the computer – off to the side a bit leaving its former location exposed. I scrubbed the spot where it used to be and though I removed all the glue, the mark still remains where it had been for the last three years.

I just passed my three year anniversary in Manhattan. Three. Whole. Years. It sort of snuck up on me, I can’t believe it has been that long or that I’m going into a fourth. I remember meeting people in those early days who had been living here for 5 or 6 years. I remember thinking I’ll never make it that long, I don’t want to make it that long. This city does weird things to people. Much like that piece of tape on my laptop, it leaves a mark.

Likewise, I’m just about going into my fifth year writing this blog.¬†You may not realize it but I actually return to this page quite often. At least every couple days I sit down to write but time and again, I can’t finish a post. I write a few disconnected lines, delete them, run my hand over that peeling tape and make a cup of coffee.

At least this time, I thought I’d share a pie with you. It’s a french apple pie with a layer of honey sweetened cream cheese between the crust and the apples. It’s quite pretty in a rustic way but with it’s first taste I wasn’t particularly impressed. However, the next evening I pulled it out of the fridge and grabbed a bite or two, for the first time ever I found a pie that tastes better the second day and once again I was reminded of that message on my laptop.

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