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For Prosperity in the New Year, New Ventures.

After three years of seeing hoppin’ john recipes on every blog in sight, I figured I’d join the bunch. After all, I’ll take all the good luck I can get. And just to be safe, I delivered a bowl to Jamie too. I want to make sure we have only good luck flying around our [...]

Black Bean Burgers

Shockingly, I have nothing to say today. Cheers! black bean burgers  I write 15-18 ounces because I had just little bit more beans than I needed and didn’t feel like saving them so I just threw them in there with not trouble. It’s not an exact science. I know I called these burgers, but I [...]

A list for a hurricane in New York.

-a rainy Saturday evening walk through the deserted city -homemade quesadillas (tortilla + shredded monterey and fontina + black beans + guacamole + salsa) -homemade refried beans (pork fat + olive oil + chopped onion + pinto beans + water all in a pot and blended with an immersion blender) -a wet, windy post hurricane [...]

Lisa’s Rainbow Black Bean Salad

Lisa’s Rainbow Black Bean Salad I made this salad up based on the brightly colored rainbow peppers I found at the farm stand last week. After I served it at a bar-b-que Sunday night I had a few requests for the recipe so I thought I would post it here. If you can’t find rainbow [...]

In Under 5 Minutes

I love hot yoga. Nothing makes you feel better than an hour and a half of stretching, bending, twisting, and contorting yourself into seemingly unnatural-pretzel like shapes in a 111 degree room. It can make bad day seem insignificant, a good day seem better and easily detox the excess sugar from too much cookie dough [...]

April Daring Cook’s Challenge – New Brunswick Stew

Kitchen shears are my new favorite utensil. Why are they my new favorite utensil?  Well, I was having a wrestling match with a 3lb chicken and it was winning – until I remembered the kitchen shears. The beautiful, sleek, seriously sharp kitchen shears. They sliced right through those chicken bones with ease and grace as [...]