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Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Sometimes you just can’t make it through the day without eating banana bread straight from the pan. Today was one of those days. Cinnamon Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread I was wary of the lack of butter and/or oil in this recipe but, since it came from Molly, I decided to trust her and take the leap. [...]

Egg-Avocado Toast

My current favorite way to eat a hard (or not so hard) boiled egg; sort of like Avocado to toast but better – because there’s an egg on it too. Toast 1 slice of sprouted bread. Top with 1/4 mashed avocado, a few torn leaves of basil, one egg (soft or hard boiled), and salt. [...]

An otherwise monotonous March.

Over the years St. Patricks day has always been a big deal whether or not you are actually Irish. In fact Ive mentioned before that I am not. Coming from a pretty Irish town (and bar town no less) it was always celebrated in some way even if that just meant wearing green. Why such [...]

Of Celery, Soup and Lola Ducks.

I won’t even pretend I have recipe for you in this post. I originally intended to write one but honestly I couldn’t even begin to guess on the quantities of what ultimately went into this soup. It was almost a disaster and certainly could have turned out better – another reason why I won’t bother [...]

Market Pictures – September 19th

Long overdue pictures from last Sunday’s Market More over here.

With eyes toward tomorrow.

“All the bags are checked And the reasons why Yesterday lingers on That’s the piece you keep when you say goodbye”. – Conor Oberst (Monsters of Folk) Just like realizing you’ve out grown snow days, discovering you no longer have a place in a city you previously called home, is a hard pill to swallow. [...]

An August Sun.

Have you ever noticed how the sun feels different in different seasons or even during the same one. Sometimes it’s a gradual change and sometimes it’s a quick flip flop. You go to bed one night exhausted from the humidity and wake up the next morning to the forgiving dry heat of late summer. The [...]

A Wednesday Story

Step One: Shake up a batch of homemade salted butter. Step Two: Walk to the market for a pound of jambon bayonne Step Three: Stop at a nearby french bakery for a fresh crusty baguette that is way better than any you’ve ever made. Get distracted by the delicious-looking lemon squares (they aren’t the best you’ve ever had, [...]

Old habits die hard.

For the past two months I’ve kept myself on a pretty steady every-other-day posting schedule but lately I’ve come to realize everything I do is on a schedule and I’m tired of it. Some things, like my classes, are out of my hands but this blog is surely not one of them. This Simple Spatula is [...]

Brioche Burger Buns

 I made these for our first bbq of the season and  out of all the breads I’ve ever made, I’m definitely the most proud of these burger buns (and my recent pitas). Brioche Burger Buns Next time I’m going to try replacing at least half of the bread flour with whole wheat bread flour – I [...]