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Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Sometimes you just can’t make it through the day without eating banana bread straight from the pan. Today was one of those days. Cinnamon Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread I was wary of the lack of butter and/or oil in this recipe but, since it came from Molly, I decided to trust her and take the leap. [...]

Harvest Peach Ice Cream (with brownie chunks!)

Until this year, peach ice cream had this sort of mythical feel, like it only exists in country music…and maybe Georgia. But why? We have peaches in New York, we have ice cream, why don’t we have peach ice cream? Us downstaters are deprived. Maybe it’s for the best though. Peach ice cream should be homemade [...]

An otherwise monotonous March.

Over the years St. Patricks day has always been a big deal whether or not you are actually Irish. In fact Ive mentioned before that I am not. Coming from a pretty Irish town (and bar town no less) it was always celebrated in some way even if that just meant wearing green. Why such [...]

When my brilliance eludes me.

On Sunday night I drove back to Manhattan in the middle of this little “blizzard” and considered myself lucky when I found a parking spot literally directly in front of my apartment. It didn’t quite occur to me that come Monday morning it would be buried. Of course it could have been worse, it actually [...]

Lisa’s Santa Cookies

This time last year Viktorija showed me how to make her favorite Christmas cookies. She called them Santa Cookies but some of you may also know them as magic bars or seven layer bars. If you’ve ever had one you know they are delicious, addictive, full of butter and a major sugar rush. This year [...]

Cocoa Brownies

New favorite brownies; trust me, just make them. You won’t even miss the melted chocolate that I used to insist belongs in every brownie. Fudgey Cocoa Brownies Adapted from Alice Medrich’s Chocolate and the Art of Low Fat Desserts I basically never wait for brownies too cool so I just scooped some out into a [...]

The trouble with writing a food blog…

If I offered you a large chocolate chip cookie last week, you might assume that was a generous thing to do; share. Typically I am happy to do it and I’d like to think it’s driven by generosity. But Thursday, well Thursday might have been a little different. As much as I’d like to think [...]

Not my best idea.

If you had been in my kitchen last week, when I was grating up a zucchini, you probably would have said “Hey, putting zucchini in your chocolate chip cookies is not one of the best ideas you’ve ever had”, and you know what? You would have been right. However, I had a lot of zucchini [...]

Dobrý den, od Praha!

I wanted to write this post on Saturday. I ran out of time.I wanted to write this post from the airport in Budapest. I had lots of time but no computer.Instead I sat down with an espresso and watched the Italian army walk this way and that, many of them watching me watching them. I [...]

Better than Nutella

Nutella is one of those foods that I just won’t buy. Not since my freshman year in college anyway. Back then I bought it twice or three times when I first moved into the dorms. I ate it on everything from toast to fruit and it was especially good right off a spoon directly from [...]