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14 Days in Israel and Nana Tea

If I had thought ahead, I would have remembered how much blogging normally guides my photos. If I knew I was going to resurrect this blog and actually post for the first time since August (!!) I would have taken so many more pictures of the shuks (markets) and so many more pictures of the [...]

You may find yourself wondering.

When you’re standing in a walk-in refrigerator surrounded by crates of tomatoes, two crates full seem like nothing. When they are taking up the entire trunk of your not-so-tiny car you may begin to realize 2 crates full of tomatoes is a lot. When you get home and can’t lift them by yourself and have [...]

An otherwise monotonous March.

Over the years St. Patricks day has always been a big deal whether or not you are actually Irish. In fact Ive mentioned before that I am not. Coming from a pretty Irish town (and bar town no less) it was always celebrated in some way even if that just meant wearing green. Why such [...]

Here we go again.

Limoncello, round two. Maybe I’ll make a yearly tradition out of it. I used Meyer lemons this time, which is appropriate given my current obsession with all things meyer lemon. Disregard the fact that real limoncello is made with Eureka lemons and certainly not Meyer lemons since we don’t even actually know what they are. [...]

When my brilliance eludes me.

On Sunday night I drove back to Manhattan in the middle of this little “blizzard” and considered myself lucky when I found a parking spot literally directly in front of my apartment. It didn’t quite occur to me that come Monday morning it would be buried. Of course it could have been worse, it actually [...]

Brussel Sprouts with Romano Cheese and Lentils

This is the only thing I’ve cooked in at least a week and I’m not sure it really counts as cooking. Just a little steaming, boiling and grating and lunch (or dinner) is ready. You see, I have a new job. Have I told you about my new job? WHAT!? I haven’t? Oh my. I’m also [...]

Old Fashioned Pink Lemonade

Old Fashioned Pink Lemonade Do as I did and add a shot of homemade limoncello or enjoy it straight. A shot of vodka would also give it a kick. 3 cups fresh lemon juice (about 16 lemons)* 12 cups of water 3 cups natural cane sugar 12oz. raspberries Combine the sugar and 3 cups of water [...]

Simple Sangria

A summer thursday night includes bar-b-que, friends and Sangria. I got this recipe last weekend from a friend (Hi Lauren!) and couldn’t wait to make it. I made Sangria a few times last summer but never really settled on a recipe that I liked. This one is fruity and so simple to make.  I planned [...]

Lucky Star

Last week, while I was in South Carolina, my Dad and my Stepmom (Vivian) visited my sister (Melissa) in Florence. Since they obviously know about my blog and slight obsession with food they started sending me pictures of everything they ate and requested a place on my blog. Here’s a couple pictures from their trip. [...]

One Walnut Short of A Nutcase

I had to force myself to stop making cookie dough. After four batches, I had to stop making cookie dough, for no reason other than I’m out of containers to store it in.  It was after 1AM but I was on a roll. I only planned on starting a batch of ice cream, but after [...]