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dinner for four.

On a cool August evening. All served with brown rice and white wine, on the deck of course. Duck Breast with a cherry reduction Serves 4 2 1lb Moulard or Magret Duck Breasts 1/4 cups red or white wine 1/3 cup tart cherry jam 2 tsp light colored honey salt and pepper Using a sharp [...]


On Saturday I cooked a real meal. From start to finish. I didn’t just steam vegetables or eat a hardboiled egg while standing at the kitchen counter. Instead, I chopped herbs, turned bread into bread crumbs, and ground pork and beef. I popped the tops off several jars of home-canned tomatoes and chicken stock. Both [...]

Duck Leg Confit

So I’m cleaning out my freezer to move (more on that later) and I found some Moulard duck legs lurking around behind the vodka and under the peas. I’ve been meaning to make duck confit and shoved those legs back there because I just didn’t have the time. However, it quickly occurred to me that [...]

For that Thanksgiving turkey.

The past few weeks I’ve had this nagging feeling that I have to start using up the food in my freezer. Not because there is too much food in it — although I could open a bakery with all the bread in there and I may have stuffed a duck carcass in the back when [...]

Roasted Lola Duck

Last Saturday a woman walked up to my stand at this market and shyly said exactly this “I’ve never roasted a duck before”. The words tumbled off ┬áher tongue in a rush like a confession that she could no longer keep to herself and then smiled as if she accidentally let out a secret. It [...]