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On Saturday I cooked a real meal. From start to finish. I didn’t just steam vegetables or eat a hardboiled egg while standing at the kitchen counter. Instead, I chopped herbs, turned bread into bread crumbs, and ground pork and beef. I popped the tops off several jars of home-canned tomatoes and chicken stock. Both [...]

Egg-Avocado Toast

My current favorite way to eat a hard (or not so hard) boiled egg; sort of like Avocado to toast but better – because there’s an egg on it too. Toast 1 slice of sprouted bread. Top with 1/4 mashed avocado, a few torn leaves of basil, one egg (soft or hard boiled), and salt. [...]

For all you southerners out there…

Y’all really like your sugar. Seriously, this pie is diabetic-shock sweet – is that inappropriate for me to say here? Really, I think it’s only apt description. Before you click away from this page thinking I’ve posted a bad recipe, I will say this: every guy who tried this pie LOVED it. I mean really [...]

Only on your birthday.

In a perfect world I could serve a cake with one slice missing. I could make a cake in the daylight hours, cut a slice out and spend 20 minutes taking pictures, changing settings, creating the scene around the plate. In this way I could photograph properly; in the right light, at my leisure, before [...]

The act of cooking.

Although I eat my fair share of pizza and can’t resist a good Chinese dumpling, I’m adamant about avoiding takeout when I move. It’s never really been intentional but I realized that I pretty much never order food or go out to eat in the days that I spend unpacking. I don’t think it really [...]