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Garlic Chicken Spiedies

It’s funny, I spent the first 3 years in Binghamton wishing I was back downstate. I missed the city, the faster-paced life. I missed the downstate bagels and pizza. I missed the good Jewish challah bread, the babka and the black and white cookies that New York is so famous for. I loved Manhattan, I [...]

Getting used to the idea.

Everywhere I turn someone likes to point out that I only have 11 days of classes and 3 weeks until I graduate. Whoa.   Put another way that’s 38 hours at my internship, 11 days of class, 3 weeks, 3 short assignments, 1 take home final, 1 online final, 3 regattas, 1 banquet, 2 excessively [...]

Grilled Grouper

I finally cooked fish. Finally. Remember way back in January when I said I wanted to try it? Well, I’ve been putting it off and putting it off but no more. Last night, Colin and I grilled a giant red grouper filet and now I’m addicted. It was so easy and didn’t taste even a [...]