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A list for July

¬† +lots of¬†pancakes stuffed with blueberries and raspberries +letterpress stationary from here +juicy peaches from jersey and homemade peach ice cream +beautiful butcher blocks handmade in Brooklyn with entirely local materials +Nikole’s wonderful blog and everything in the Herriott Grace Shop. Especially these sleek rolling pins and gorgeous bowls. +fresh berries in whole milk, it’s [...]

A perfect balance

“Settling down with warm-glow wood stove and kerosene peace you’re looking for, peace you’ll find  in the tangled mad cliff-sides and crashing dark of Big Sur  Rapturous ring of silence pacific fury flashing on the rocks, the sea shroud towers  the innocence of health and stillness in the wild of Big Sur” -Jay Farrar Recently, [...]

One Walnut Short of A Nutcase

I had to force myself to stop making cookie dough. After four batches, I had to stop making cookie dough, for no reason other than I’m out of containers to store it in.  It was after 1AM but I was on a roll. I only planned on starting a batch of ice cream, but after [...]