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This could go one of two ways…

For 44 hours on Monday and Tuesday Katherine, Nathalie and I ate nothing but fruit. The idea was to kickstart some healthy eating habits by removing everything that triggers cravings ie: dairy, refined sugar, and caffeine. However, I don’t fully understand the reasoning for not being able to eat raw, blanched or steamed veggies. None-the-less, [...]

11 Reasons Why I Love New York City

There’s nothing like showing a visitor around the area in which you live to remind yourself why you live there. Why you willingly choose to live there. It always seems to bring about a renewed sense of pride in the area – maybe because you are only showing them all the good things but, even so, [...]

Roasted Lola Duck

Last Saturday a woman walked up to my stand at this market and shyly said exactly this “I’ve never roasted a duck before”. The words tumbled off  her tongue in a rush like a confession that she could no longer keep to herself and then smiled as if she accidentally let out a secret. It [...]

Market Day 10/24

Pictures here

Of Celery, Soup and Lola Ducks.

I won’t even pretend I have recipe for you in this post. I originally intended to write one but honestly I couldn’t even begin to guess on the quantities of what ultimately went into this soup. It was almost a disaster and certainly could have turned out better – another reason why I won’t bother [...]

Sauteed Purple Cabbage with Apples and Red Wine

Have you ever wondered why a cabbage is so heavy? Its because that homely crucifer has far more layers tightly wound inside than you could ever imagine. Seriously, I cut up a medium-sized purple cabbage on sunday, sauteed it, served it to several guests and ate it every day for 3 to follow. I STILL [...]

My kind of people.

My first day of work was an orientation of sorts. We learned the layout, what we should wear, how to properly build the tables each morning. We learned the specifics of what we would do each Sunday and, of course, we learned each others names. We played one of those ice breaker introduction games; you [...]

Market Pictures – September 19th

Long overdue pictures from last Sunday’s Market More over here.