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The way I see them.

I’ve never considered myself a very creative person. I try to be but I almost always feel like I come up flat. Boring. I have these grandiose ideas in my head but they just don’t translate into something concrete. I can’t organize the thoughts to come out right, or the pencil to outline the shapes the [...]

You may find yourself wondering.

When you’re standing in a walk-in refrigerator surrounded by crates of tomatoes, two crates full seem like nothing. When they are taking up the entire trunk of your not-so-tiny car you may begin to realize 2 crates full of tomatoes is a lot. When you get home and can’t lift them by yourself and have [...]

11 Reasons Why I Love New York City

There’s nothing like showing a visitor around the area in which you live to remind yourself why you live there. Why you willingly choose to live there. It always seems to bring about a renewed sense of pride in the area – maybe because you are only showing them all the good things but, even so, [...]

Over the weekend…

With a little help from friends Paige and John, we moved a couch. Now we don’t have to sit on the floor anymore. [Woohoo!][whew! that was kind of heavy!]

As Requested.

Meet the roommates, Chris and Katherine.  Someone made us laugh… That’s better… Bellweather dry hard apple cider from the market… Some kitchen pictures as requested by Lena…  My room – still packed up, no bed, no furniture. I’ll get there. Our living room is a mess. It’s mostly my fault – I have too many various [...]