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You may find yourself wondering.

When you’re standing in a walk-in refrigerator surrounded by crates of tomatoes, two crates full seem like nothing. When they are taking up the entire trunk of your not-so-tiny car you may begin to realize 2 crates full of tomatoes is a lot. When you get home and can’t lift them by yourself and have [...]

Penne with Fresh Tomatoes and Basil

I had some trouble gauging how much fruit I would consume in 2 days so after our little experiment last week I had an excessive amount of tomatoes leftover. I wasn’t in the mood for a traditional tomato sauce – it’s too hot out – and the thought of eating another one raw made me [...]

Fettuccine with Pickled Mushrooms and Parmesan

When I first tasted the pickled mushrooms Tuesday night, I wanted to run off with the jar and find a stove to cook some pasta and toss them both with parmesan cheese. They were that good. However, that probably wouldn’t have gone over well so instead I controlled myself and went out for dinner – [...]

Pickled Cremini Mushrooms with Garlic and Thyme

Last night I went to a pickling class taught by Scott of BrooklynCured. We learned how to make several things including his jardiniere, and my favorite- pickled mushrooms. There was some ebate over whether they are really pickled or actually just marinated since they are packed in oil but whatever you call them, I was [...]

Walnut Pesto

There were giant bunches of basil staring me down at the farm stand. They said:“My only desire in my short basil-y life is to be pesto.”And so I acquiesced.Basil can be very persuasive.  Walnut Pesto Makes about 6oz A couple roasted garlic cloves, more or less to taste 1 ounce fresh basil leaves 1 ounce [...]

On the topic of favorites.

rus·tic  adj. 1. Of, relating to, or typical of country life or country people. 2. a. Lacking refinement or elegance; coarse.      b. Charmingly simple or unsophisticated. 3. Made of unfinished or roughly finished wood 4. Having a rough or textured appearance I’m happy the summer is almost done. There I said it. I know there are summer-lovers everywhere shaking their [...]

Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

Sometimes I write posts that never get published. They just sit there forgotten and lonely, branded by the orange letters that scrawl out “draft”. What is normally a benign word, signifying something saved for further review, seems more like a death sentence. Sometimes these forgotten words make just a sentence or two but sometimes they [...]

In Under 5 Minutes

I love hot yoga. Nothing makes you feel better than an hour and a half of stretching, bending, twisting, and contorting yourself into seemingly unnatural-pretzel like shapes in a 111 degree room. It can make bad day seem insignificant, a good day seem better and easily detox the excess sugar from too much cookie dough [...]

To wake up early

We are on the water again. Twice now actually. I haven’t decided how I feel about it. On one hand I’m reluctant to lose my morning workout from winter training, not to mention that hour of sleep that we lose due to a practice time of 5:20AM. On the other hand, it’s nice to be back [...]