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14 Days in Israel and Nana Tea

If I had thought ahead, I would have remembered how much blogging normally guides my photos. If I knew I was going to resurrect this blog and actually post for the first time since August (!!) I would have taken so many more pictures of the shuks (markets) and so many more pictures of the [...]

Kinfolk – Brooklyn

A Kinfolk dinner is an enchanting gathering. There’s a mystique about the aesthetic that I can’t quite put my finger on and a bit of hush and wonder in the air. An easy stillness amongst the group and feeling like those of us inside the green walls share something that can’t be detected on the [...]

On where to go with this.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately on where to go with this blog. For a while I had myself convinced I would continue to find time to cook but I think I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that it’s just not true right now. More than that, if I do manage to cook, [...]

The way I see them.

I’ve never considered myself a very creative person. I try to be but I almost always feel like I come up flat. Boring. I have these grandiose ideas in my head but they just don’t translate into something concrete. I can’t organize the thoughts to come out right, or the pencil to outline the shapes the [...]

Every 500 Years.

In 2006 the Susquehanna River rose to 25 feet in many parts of New York’s Southern Tier Region. Needless to say many areas flooded, many people lost their homes, and many of them had no flood insurance. The flood waters exceeded the 100 year flood plain at that time and in 2010 FEMA revised the [...]

A list for a hurricane in New York.

-a rainy Saturday evening walk through the deserted city -homemade quesadillas (tortilla + shredded monterey and fontina + black beans + guacamole + salsa) -homemade refried beans (pork fat + olive oil + chopped onion + pinto beans + water all in a pot and blended with an immersion blender) -a wet, windy post hurricane [...]

On Farming

I joke from time to time that I belong in the country somewhere with trees and grass and cows and chickens. Living in a big farmhouse with lots of light and space. Usually the comment is immediately following some frustration of big city life and muttered under my breath accompanied by an exasperated declaration that [...]

5 Days in San Francisco

“Making way through mountains and desert. Eastbound daybreak carrying it all back home. It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying, No one could dream a place like California. It’s been written before, but it’s worth repeating, No one could dream a place like California.” -Jay Farrar Notes on San Francisco -The weather is. amazing. [...]

Midsummer travels + a new mix

I should be packing but instead I made a new mix and I realized something: I have an extraordinary amount of music about California. I’m off to San Francisco just barely after the sun rises tomorrow morning. Happy Weekend. Listen here. Track list as follows: + sausalito (conor oberst) + whole wide world (john gorka) + [...]

For the rest of us.

I’m a weird combination of over-planning and winging it. I plan, plan, plan, organize organize, organize, then I get lazy and wing it. Sometimes I even plan to wing it. With over-planning comes over thinking. I turn things over and over and over in my mind until I turn out a solution and If I [...]