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three years.

There’s a small piece of yellowing newspaper taped to my laptop. The edges of the tape are curling up and there is a slightly discolored outline tracing it where dust and dirt have snuck underneath over the years. On it is my horoscope from whatever day I originally put it there. “Rather than allowing impatience [...]

red currant tart

Every once in a while I start to write something to post here. Then I get distracted and forget about it. So, quick let me hit publish so you can have this tart recipe. It’s really good and really easy, I promise. So just make it, okay? Red Currant and Blueberry TartAdapted from Nigel Slater via [...]

Blueberry Rhubarb Pie

Last week, I was craving pie. I mean really craving pie. It got so bad that I swear I could smell a pie baking Wednesday evening…while I was in a yoga class. You know it’s bad when you’re going the the motions of Surya Namaskara B and still, there are flashes of peaches and raspberries [...]

The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie

In other words… the pie that will win our pumpkin pie bakeoff. That’s right, there is a battle royale going on in my house over who makes the best pumpkin pie; Nathalie’s boyfriend, Scott or me. Of course I know I have all your votes, faithful readers, but unfortunately, you are not here to vote. [...]

Homemade Graham Cracker Crust

Every time I make a pie with a graham cracker crust, I discover – too late – that my proportions are wrong and I don’t have enough of the graham cracker mixture. Since it’s pie season I decided to finally fix the proportions. Homemade Graham Cracker Crust Makes 1 10-inch pie crust (or a little [...]

Homemade Graham Crackers

Hey, remember that time when I said I couldn’t bring myself to take the time to make homemade graham crackers only to crush them into a crust? Well, I changed my mind (as I often do) and I did just that. I spent several hours over the course of two separate days mixing, chilling, rolling [...]

For all you southerners out there…

Y’all really like your sugar. Seriously, this pie is diabetic-shock sweet – is that inappropriate for me to say here? Really, I think it’s only apt description. Before you click away from this page thinking I’ve posted a bad recipe, I will say this: every guy who tried this pie LOVED it. I mean really [...]

It’s pie season.

Once upon a time I made an Dutch apple pie – you know the kind with cinnamony, buttery crumbs on top. Then I ate the whole thing in twenty-four hours. I didn’t share very much either. It was that good. Dutch Apple Pie I used winesnap apples because I’ve been bringing them home in mass [...]

To be a pie.

I ate about a kilogram of cherries on several occasions in both Armenia and Georgia and I really thought I was sick of them. That was before I came across tubs of sour cherries in the Union Square Greenmarket on friday. They were sleek, shiny red and mouth puckeringly tart. They just begged with every [...]

What’s Next?

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately. So much so that I just might scream. Obviously the thing to ask someone when they graduate college is what next? If I had a concrete answer, I may not dislike the question so much, but rambling on about lifeguarding, and wishful thinking about a move to [...]