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For that Thanksgiving turkey.

The past few weeks I’ve had this nagging feeling that I have to start using up the food in my freezer. Not because there is too much food in it — although I could open a bakery with all the bread in there and I may have stuffed a duck carcass in the back when [...]

Of Celery, Soup and Lola Ducks.

I won’t even pretend I have recipe for you in this post. I originally intended to write one but honestly I couldn’t even begin to guess on the quantities of what ultimately went into this soup. It was almost a disaster and certainly could have turned out better – another reason why I won’t bother [...]

April Daring Cook’s Challenge – New Brunswick Stew

Kitchen shears are my new favorite utensil. Why are they my new favorite utensil?  Well, I was having a wrestling match with a 3lb chicken and it was winning – until I remembered the kitchen shears. The beautiful, sleek, seriously sharp kitchen shears. They sliced right through those chicken bones with ease and grace as [...]

French Onion Soup

In the past I may not have expressed my love for Cooks’ Illustrated as much as I should have.  Those six yearly issues might as well be my bible. I love that they don’t just publish a recipe. They test it out over and over using different variables, ingredients and techniques. They walk you through [...]

Simple Chili

About 3 years ago I decided I wanted to make chili. I don’t know why, it’s not something I had ever really liked or eaten before. For some reason I was convinced that If I made it myself I would like it. I guess it also seemed like something that I could make super healthy [...]

Chunky Lentil Soup

The first time I made lentil soup I used two of Heidi Swanson’s recipes; one from her cookbook Super Natural Cooking and this one from 101cookbooks. I used them more as references than recipes and made it up as I went. I’ve since made variations on this soup a few more times and at this [...]


These are versatile little semolina dumplings that I usually put in my mom’s chicken soup to make grießnockerlsuppe but I also like them in place of rice or pasta to soak up sauce. 30g soft salted butter 1 egg at room temperature dash of salt 1 package nockerlgrieß* (this is just 250g of course semolina [...]

My Mom’s Chicken Soup

Today was our last Saturday water practice for the season and it was cold. 3 hours outside in 25 degree weather is just not pleasant and it took me a good majority of the drive home (30 minutes) to regain feeling in my hands. Good thing Max and I had planned to make a big [...]