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right back where you left off.

If you’ve ever been a runner you know what it’s like to get into a rhythm and a routine. You run often and it comes easily and you miss it if you don’t run. Then one day you’re a little too busy and you skip your run. A few more days like this go by [...]

14 Days in Israel and Nana Tea

If I had thought ahead, I would have remembered how much blogging normally guides my photos. If I knew I was going to resurrect this blog and actually post for the first time since August (!!) I would have taken so many more pictures of the shuks (markets) and so many more pictures of the [...]

On Farming

I joke from time to time that I belong in the country somewhere with trees and grass and cows and chickens. Living in a big farmhouse with lots of light and space. Usually the comment is immediately following some frustration of big city life and muttered under my breath accompanied by an exasperated declaration that [...]

5 Days in San Francisco

“Making way through mountains and desert. Eastbound daybreak carrying it all back home. It’s been said before, but it’s worth saying, No one could dream a place like California. It’s been written before, but it’s worth repeating, No one could dream a place like California.” -Jay Farrar Notes on San Francisco -The weather is. amazing. [...]

Midsummer travels + a new mix

I should be packing but instead I made a new mix and I realized something: I have an extraordinary amount of music about California. I’m off to San Francisco just barely after the sun rises tomorrow morning. Happy Weekend. Listen here. Track list as follows: + sausalito (conor oberst) + whole wide world (john gorka) + [...]

Happy Fall!

Tastes like Okemo – The C-Building to be exact.

I swear the title of this post makes sense. Really, it does.You see, it all started yesterday afternoon when I got a CRAZY craving for cream of wheat. I say crazy partly because it turned me into a crazy person and partly because I was sitting at work in the sun in 95 degrees – [...]

With eyes toward tomorrow.

“All the bags are checked And the reasons why Yesterday lingers on That’s the piece you keep when you say goodbye”. – Conor Oberst (Monsters of Folk) Just like realizing you’ve out grown snow days, discovering you no longer have a place in a city you previously called home, is a hard pill to swallow. [...]

Over the weekend in Rhinebeck.

Some people visit museums when they travel – I visit farmer’s markets.

Garlic Chicken Spiedies

It’s funny, I spent the first 3 years in Binghamton wishing I was back downstate. I missed the city, the faster-paced life. I missed the downstate bagels and pizza. I missed the good Jewish challah bread, the babka and the black and white cookies that New York is so famous for. I loved Manhattan, I [...]