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The Tree.

The LoDown

I meant to post this article 19 days ago when it fist ran… “Dora” on East Broadway Becomes “Pushcart Coffee” Also, be sure to pick up your copy of The LoDown‘s print edition. New copies are available every Saturday exclusively at PCC.

A few things to get through first.

“We have so much to remember these days. So we make these lists, filled with hope that they will remind us of all the important things we need to do and buy and mail, all the important calls we need to make, all the ideas we have for short stories or articles. And yet by [...]

The state of things.

Odds and Ends

In the last two weeks, I started a new job (more on that later) and signed a lease for an apartment on the Lower East Side. Only for the month of October though, so around this time in one month I’ll have to move all over again. To prevent my October roommates from killing me [...]

To melt August into September

I’ve said before, working near food frequently causes some weird food cravings and lately I find myself eating a lot of steamed broccoli dipped in mustard (not just any mustard, but this one specifically). In general, I’ll go for very plain vegetables or some combination of salt and vinegar (hence the mustard). Or I’ll eat [...]

A public service announcement.

In case you missed it, catch up on what’s going on here.

Please excuse the mess…

You may have noticed my formatting is a little screwy (still). I’m renovating a bit so please excuse the mess. Hopefully I’ll have it all sorted out within a week or so.

For the months ahead.

Yesterday I ate my first apple for the year. A freshly picked one from this years harvest, not those overwintered ones that were hanging around the farmer’s markets until mid July. This morning I ate hot oatmeal for the first time since February and my body has recently started requesting apple, cheese and caramelized onion [...]

You may find yourself wondering.

When you’re standing in a walk-in refrigerator surrounded by crates of tomatoes, two crates full seem like nothing. When they are taking up the entire trunk of your not-so-tiny car you may begin to realize 2 crates full of tomatoes is a lot. When you get home and can’t lift them by yourself and have [...]