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right back where you left off.

If you’ve ever been a runner you know what it’s like to get into a rhythm and a routine. You run often and it comes easily and you miss it if you don’t run. Then one day you’re a little too busy and you skip your run. A few more days like this go by [...]

Every 500 Years.

In 2006 the Susquehanna River rose to 25 feet in many parts of New York’s Southern Tier Region. Needless to say many areas flooded, many people lost their homes, and many of them had no flood insurance. The flood waters exceeded the 100 year flood plain at that time and in 2010 FEMA revised the [...]

What it was like – a timeline.

Disclaimer: If the topic of hunting upsets you, you may want to stop reading this. No worries though, we’ll catch up next time. In general, I try not to discuss food politics in this space. Just from reading my posts I think it’s pretty obvious where I stand on the whole local, organic, slow food [...]