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three years.

There’s a small piece of yellowing newspaper taped to my laptop. The edges of the tape are curling up and there is a slightly discolored outline tracing it where dust and dirt have snuck underneath over the years. On it is my horoscope from whatever day I originally put it there. “Rather than allowing impatience [...]

Pushcart Coffee

“…And for me the skyline’s changed Same old buildings rearranged The sky’s a richer shade of blue And the moon’s my new friend too My new friend too I used to travel in a straight line Now I’m walking on a road that winds…” -Lucy Kaplansky On september 9th I had two interviews. The first [...]

When my brilliance eludes me.

On Sunday night I drove back to Manhattan in the middle of this little “blizzard” and considered myself lucky when I found a parking spot literally directly in front of my apartment. It didn’t quite occur to me that come Monday morning it would be buried. Of course it could have been worse, it actually [...]